About Glad

Gladys Jimenez believes that all people possess within themselves all they need to live the life they crave.  Each person
is already whole, capable and resourceful.

By paying attention to all aspects of living – spirit, mind, and 
body - we can design a structure to create the life we envision. Gladys' mission is to serve, help and empower individuals, 
groups, and communities to live an extraordinary life through 
self-discovery, healing, the creative arts, and playfulness.

Gladys’ coaching style is a blend of various spiritual and coaching concepts mixed with creativity, and a dash of intuition. Her unique combination of training received will help you transform your life at a deeper level, while providing the support needed for long term change.

Gladys is a coach, artist, and author of the inspirational book Feel Good Thoughts. She currently lives in San Diego, CA

Gladys Jimenez
is certified in various modalities and a Non Denominational Minister. Gladys Jimenez is NOT a Therapist, Mental Health Professional, or Physician of any type.

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